martedì 1 settembre 2015

Our project

Speaking science with pictures:

we share the same procedure

Welcome to our science project!

We are four teachers from Belgium (Caroline), Greece (Eleftheria), Italy (Alessandra) and Spain (Angeles). 

In our poject we will work with 14 years old students who share the same interest in physics. Every time a lab will be made, students will take pictures and send them to the other class. These students will need to write the lab report made by the other class!

With the project, we hope to show the kids that speaking science is universal. Everywhere in the world, scientists make the same experiments and record their observations in the same way. We hope to show our kids that what they learned in school can be fun, that their experiments can teach something to other students too.

We also hope they will develop some interest in photography and in correcting the lab reports of the other kids. It will show them some part of science that is not included in their curriculum but that can be interesting too.